About Us

Why donate clothes? It is undoubtedly the easiest way to give back to our community and to bring us a sense of gratitude. Our society has large numbers of marginal communities and underprivileged. Not everyone can do large feats of social service, and small acts of services like donations are the way to go.

Looking at it from a more ecological standpoint, it helps reduce clothing waste. Over the years fast fashion and commercialization have led to large amounts of fashion waste. This contributes to the ever-increasing levels of CO2 emissions and hence climate change. Donating clothes prevents them from being trashed and gives them a second life. Upcycling or donating clothes reduces fashion waste. Hence making it the best way every individual can help fight the ecological crisis.

On a more personal level, it also is a way to declutter. It can even be a step closer to your minimalist dreams. After all, minimalism is about an intentional search for happiness. We all have at least a few articles of clothing that we no longer wear or have grown out of. What are they doing right now? Most likely to be sitting in the cupboard. Why keep or trash them when you can donate? The reasons could be many. It can be everything from the effort of it to not knowing where to donate to. Here at Darzi Company, we make it an easier process. We provide multiple collection points for clothes donation. This makes your search for collection points easier. If you are a person with a tight schedule and have no time to drop off your clothes we have you covered! For a minimal fee, we also provide pick-up services. Our crew comes over to your desired location and picks up the clothes you wish to donate. We are all about making life easy and fulfilling. We are here to help you give back to society in ways more than one. Apart from clothes donations we also collect monetary donations. Monetary donations unlike most others have a much larger impact. Money has the power to buy resources for those in need. It also can be used to set up new services to help the underprivileged. Monetary aid has larger outreach in education, health, and other vital services.

All said and done, we hope to grow beyond our current scope and branch out. The journey may be far and long, but here at Darzi Foundation, we all are in it for the long haul! Do good, get good. There is much to change in our corporate systems and we are putting one step forward to being the change. Join us in our journey of making a difference!

Image by Tim Marshall